It is with pleasure that I recommend Lee Salisbury as an excellent divorce lawyer. He made a very painful process go relatively quickly and smoothly. Lee’s ability to stay emotionally detached, with the big picture always in view, kept me from wasting time and money fighting over the little things with my husband during our dissolution settlement process. Lee helped me to see that it was essential to avoid getting into tempting but futile power struggles over issues that were trivial in comparison to huge long term concerns such as retirement distribution. Lee was fair, firmly matter-of-fact, and professional in dealing with my husband, who represented himself. My husband, who has a very difficult and confrontational nature, especially when it comes to money, did not dig his heels in and drag things out for months and months because of the objective and professional way in which Lee dealt with him. In the end, other than a broken heart, I got what was due me — nothing more and nothing less. And I can move on to a brighter future affordably and without too much emotional damage, having avoided huge lawyer fees and ugly drawn out battles with my husband. Lee’s expertise made this possible.