Lee has all the top ratings e.g. Martindale etc. from his specialty but, truthfully, ratings don’t impress me nor merely smart lawyers. I was fortunately referred to Lee Salisbury’s office, and during the course of the case, I’ve come to realize Lee not only as a highly ethical person, but a sublime trial attorney who is probably among the top handful in his field in Los Angeles. And yes, by all judgments, I’ve handily ‘won’ my what could be characterized as a complex case against stiff odds. Lee’s rate isn’t cheap but he isn’t ‘expensive’ either because where another attorney might bill hours for a particular work, Lee will get it done in perhaps 15 minutes, have one of his other attorneys help out at a lower rate or resolve the issue with a short phone call to the opposing side. My case was complex, but Lee was ethical and minimized my cost while obtaining impressive results.