I encourage clients to pursue an uncontested divorce whenever possible, but you always have the option of a contested divorce. I consider the details of your specific situation before recommending the most appropriate type of divorce.

Although there is some dispute about which state was the first to adopt no-fault divorce, California was certainly among the earliest states to do so. The primary ground for divorce in the California Family Codeis irreconcilable differences. The other option, incurable insanity, is rarely used. Most of my clients benefit in many ways from negotiating a settlement in an uncontested divorce, such as:

  • They retain greater control over the issues without relying on a judge to make these personal decisions.
  • The overall divorce process is less emotionally charged, which can help the entire family get through the experience with less stress.
  • Uncontested divorce typically takes less time and can substantially reduce the costs for both parties.

In spite of these and other potential benefits, some divorces are contested and require judicial intervention. During more than three decades as a Pasadena divorce lawyer, I have worked with clients who endured subordinate roles in their marriages. They particularly need experienced legal guidance, because they may be at a psychological disadvantage when negotiating the terms of the divorce.

Even for an uncontested divorce, you need a California family attorney who takes the time to prepare your case thoroughly. Every detail can make a difference in ensuring you get the settlement you deserve.