Also known as custody and visitation agreements, parenting plans typically become the basis for the order the court issues as part of your divorce. While these documents are required when divorce affects the futures of minor children, they actually serve as important tools that help ensure you provide for the best interests of your children.

Particularly in a time of conflict, making custody and visitation decisions can be challenging. You both want the best for your children, but you may disagree on what that means. Keep in mind that the most important reason for developing a parenting plan is to take an objective look at the emotional and physical needs of your children. The California courts strongly encourage the spouses to work together to create a parenting plan that includes the following:

  • Providing children with regular access to both parents, including daily care, overnight visits, activities, vacations and holidays
  • Including enough detail so that it’s not open to conflicting interpretations
  • Providing children with a sense of security and a reliable routine
  • Considering each child’s individual needs, even if doing so requires individual plans for each child

You should itemize every aspect of physical and legal custody, including how both parents have access to medical and school information and how to handle the need for emergency changes. Realistically, most divorcing couples encounter significant disagreements. An experienced and sensitive California child custody attorney can provide valuable advice to help you find solutions.

Your children need stability, even if their lives have changed dramatically. Our divorce attorneys have the compassion and dedication to guide you through a cooperative process that can satisfy the needs of the entire family.