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Our firm has established a reputation for our outstanding service, commitment to clients and record results. We are proud to maintain professional and personal relationships with our peers and former clients in the Pasadena community. Our firm is proud of the positive influence we have had on our clients’ lives and are grateful to share their words of praise.


Client Testimonials

Read about what our clients have had to say about our reliable services below.

Mr. Salisbury and his office did an excellent job on my case. I am an attorney myself so my standards are quite high. His knowledge of the law is excellent, his reputation is outstanding, and his court room advocacy was extremely effective. My case had two aspects. First, he handled my initial divorce and child custody settlement. He handled the process as quickly and efficiently as possible. Second, a few years later, I had a dispute with my ex-wife about where my son ... would attend school. That aspect of my case involved some complex legal issues that were ultimately resolved in our favor after a three day hearing. I have personally conducted over 100 jury trials and was impressed with how well Mr. Salisbury handled the proceedings. Most importantly, throughout the whole ordeal, Mr. Salisbury was honest, ethical, and direct. He focused on the needs of my son and me and not on driving up his own legal fees. His associate and office are also responsive and excellent. I have recommended several friends and colleagues to Mr. Salisbury and there were extremely satisfied with the results.”

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- L.P.

Lee Salisbury was the perfect attorney for me. By speaking to me candidly, we were able to find workable solutions for every scenario during an extended divorce process. Lee negotiated with both compassion and fortitude, and there was never a time that I felt his agenda was different from mine. He worked diligently to create a framework for successful resolution, which sometimes involved time to educate and better inform me. Lee was accessible when I needed him, and ... his team was also extremely helpful. Lee is a consummate professional with an outstanding reputation among his peers and the greater legal community, and he is a judicious choice for individuals seeking legal representation.”

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- B.L.

While the process of divorce is never pleasant and often frustrating, Lee and his staff always maintained a level of professionalism and calm that helped still troubled waters. My experience with this firm approached 10 years and during this entire time I felt I was treated fairly, with respect and that at all times Lee was vigorously defending my interests.”

- S.B.

It is with pleasure that I recommend Lee Salisbury as an excellent divorce lawyer. He made a very painful process go relatively quickly and smoothly. Lee's ability to stay emotionally detached, with the big picture always in view, kept me from wasting time and money fighting over the little things with my husband during our dissolution settlement process. Lee helped me to see that it was essential to avoid getting into tempting but futile power struggles over issues ... that were trivial in comparison to huge long term concerns such as retirement distribution. Lee was fair, firmly matter-of-fact, and professional in dealing with my husband, who represented himself. My husband, who has a very difficult and confrontational nature, especially when it comes to money, did not dig his heels in and drag things out for months and months because of the objective and professional way in which Lee dealt with him. In the end, other than a broken heart, I got what was due me -- nothing more and nothing less. And I can move on to a brighter future affordably and without too much emotional damage, having avoided huge lawyer fees and ugly drawn out battles with my husband. Lee's expertise made this possible.”

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- H.S.

Lee has all the top ratings e.g. Martindale etc. from his specialty but, truthfully, ratings don’t impress me nor merely smart lawyers. I was fortunately referred to Lee Salisbury’s office, and during the course of the case, I’ve come to realize Lee not only as a highly ethical person, but a sublime trial attorney who is probably among the top handful in his field in Los Angeles. And yes, by all judgments, I’ve handily ‘won’ my what could be characterized ... as a complex case against stiff odds. Lee’s rate isn’t cheap but he isn’t ‘expensive’ either because where another attorney might bill hours for a particular work, Lee will get it done in perhaps 15 minutes, have one of his other attorneys help out at a lower rate or resolve the issue with a short phone call to the opposing side. My case was complex, but Lee was ethical and minimized my cost while obtaining impressive results.”

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- D.C.

I worked specifically with Ms. Tsuda while preparing for marriage. We discussed all of my rights and she clearly explained the process. She was empathetic, diligent, fair, and had an incredible commitment to detail. I could not recommend her higher!"

- J.B.

I used Ms. Serine Tsuda for my prenuptial agreement and she is professional, knowledgeable, and transparent on the topics discussed at hand. She was able to guide me in an efficient and timely manner which I cannot thank her enough. At the end of my process with Ms. Tsuda, I was pleasantly surprised that she did not use up the entire retainer and refunded the remaining balance. I have dealt with plenty of attorneys and once you pay that retainer most attorneys will say ... that there is nothing left over. I really appreciate the honesty and ethics with Ms. Tsuda. I highly recommend anyone in need of attorney services to use Ms. Serine Tsuda and her law firm. Thank you again and your hard work is greatly appreciated!"

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- J.K.

I can't say enough about Lee Salisbury and his team. Excellence, integrity, honesty, kindness, compassion, professionalism are a few words that come to mind. I HIGHLY recommend this law firm, without reservation. They helped make possible what I thought would be impossible, and I am deeply grateful for their expertise, support and guidance."

- R.C.

Serine was great to work with in person, over the phone and via email. Our mediation was not easy because of personality involved, but she was able to keep the agreement developing and us moving forward. I really appreciate that she allowed us to stay in different rooms and warned me to stay a little longer to allow my ex who was heated to leave to avoid confrontation after a session."

- L.H.

I reached out to Serine 2 years back after having bad experiences with 2 different lawyers, one was even a referral. I was to the point where I was planning on representing myself, but there was too much riding on this for me to take that chance even though I had limited financial resources. My initial consultation was roughly 1 1/2 hours long, much longer than what was standard. Serine went above and beyond to explain everything I needed know and what I could expect. ... Serine even followed up with me a couple of days later and shared information on different agencies that would take my case for free. Even though I had the option to be represented by reputable agencies at minimal costs. I knew Serine had my best interest at heart and felt that she genuinely cared and was not just taking on another case. It also helps that she is extremely smart, thorough, and very good at what she does. I wish I had met Serine sooner. I would not have been in the mess I was in. My life is at ease knowing I have an attorney I trust and can reach out to anytime. As long as Serine is still actively practicing law. I feel like I have an attorney for life. I can't say that about too many professionals."

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- P.D.

Not until one goes through a divorce does one realize how stressful, traumatic and emotionally draining the process can be. I was referred to Mr. Lee Salisbury by a girlfriend who had gone through a divorce herself and Mr. Lee Salisbury represented her ex-husband. She was really impressed by them and advised me to contact them. I am so happy I did. After my initial consultation with Lee Salisbury, I knew they were the right team to represent me. He patiently explained ... to me the entire process of what to expect from beginning to end. Even though my case was handled by Attorney Serine Tsuda, Lee was also available to answer my questions and concerns. Serine is extremely professional, knowledgeable and very caring. She promptly responded to my emails, texts and phone calls. Never did I have to wonder when I was going to get a callback. If you are looking for an experienced, professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy divorce attorney, I highly recommend Lee and Serine. You will not be disappointed. If I could give them 10 stars, I would. Thank you!"

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- Ms. R.

Lee was the my second divorce attorney as I let go of my first one. He is savvy, to the point and experienced. He was easy to speak to and work with. Occasionally I worked with his associate Jason because of Lee's schedule and that was extremely positive as well. I also appreciated all of the staff. They were efficient and effective. I am pleased with the timely outcome of my divorce. My highest recommendations go with Lee and his team. He does not waste your money ... whatsoever. He doesn't play "tit for tat" as he says. He aims to get it done and over. He is an outstanding negotiator.

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- I.W.

I worked specifically with Ms. Tsuda while preparing for marriage. We discussed all of my rights and she clearly explained the prenuptial process. She was empathetic, diligent, fair, and had an incredible commitment to detail. I could not recommend her higher!

- J.A.

I contacted this law office initially as I had just been served with divorce papers and a friend recommended Ms. Tsuda to me. After a long marriage and being unprepared for any legal obligations resulting from my marriage ending, Ms. Tsuda led me through the process with empathy, compassion, expertise, sound legal advise and when needed to, she championed for me like a prize fighter in court! We had just one court hearing and I was able to get a glimpse of Ms. Tsuda's ... proficiency in the courtroom as a litigator. She was professional, knew divorce law better than most in that courtroom and was a valued representative for me (and my assets). Her courtroom preparation was second to none and saved me a considerable amount of funds during this process. She communicated very well with me and always gave me options to pursue. I was very happy with the legal representation that Ms. Tsuda provided me. I highly recommend the Law Office of Lee W. Salisbury, and specifically Ms. Serine Tsuda, for her expertise in divorce law and the ability to help and protect you during the divorce process."

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- J.T.

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