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Child Support

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Child Support

Our family lawyers know that child support issues are never easy, but we also know how important it is for every child to receive financial support. Let us help with your child support case.


Child Support

If you are in the early stages of your divorce and you have children, we are here to assist you with any child support issues that arise. As we often explain to our clients, California law recognizes that every child is entitled to support. Parents are obligated to provide support for their kids until they reach the age of majority, and child support can take up a substantial portion of a parent’s income. You may know that California uses an “income shares” model to calculate child support, which means that both parents contribute to a child support obligation.

We want to clarify what the income shares model of child support means for you. When you get divorced, the court will look at both parents’ incomes and will calculate a total support obligation. Next, the court will decide what portion of that obligation will come from each parent. We will help to make sure that your spouse accurately reports his or her income and assets to the court, and that you both contribute your fair share to child support.

Our child support lawyers can discuss your case with you today.

Modifying Child Support
Our lawyers regularly work with parents who encounter changes in their jobs and professions, which can necessitate a child support modification. We want you to understand that courts do not take modifications lightly, but judges certainly will modify child support when it is appropriate. If you have any concerns at all about the other parent intentionally quitting a job or taking a pay cut to avoid child support obligations, we want to do everything we can to make sure the court understands the circumstances and does not modify the obligation. Otherwise, different issues can arise that lead you or the other parent to seek a modification. Common examples are job losses and promotions. We want to make sure your children receive the support they need and deserve.
Collecting Unpaid Child Support
We are committed to helping parents who are dealing with unpaid child support issues. There is no excuse for a parent to stop paying child support, and we want you to know that you have options. We can assist with your petition to the Department of Child Support Services, and our Pasadena child support attorneys can also discuss other options for child support collections with you.

We know you have a lot of questions about child support calculations, and here are some factors the court will consider for each parent’s obligation:

  • The gross income of each parent
  • The amount of time the child spends with each parent
  • The income tax deductions a parent can claim, including interest on their mortgage
  • Payroll deductions
  • Child care costs for each parent

Securing the Support Your Children Deserve

Child support disputes can be incredibly problematic, but our Pasadena child support lawyers at Salisbury, Lee & Tsuda are here to help with your case. We have years of experience working with clients just like you on various child support matters.

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