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When we work with clients who are considering divorce, we always emphasize how beneficial mediation can be. It is a form of alternative dispute resolution that can give you more input into your own divorce case.



Our mediation lawyers can give you more information about the variety of benefits that come with this helpful form of alternative dispute resolution in divorce cases. While we know that mediation will not work for everyone and certainly is not appropriate in cases involving family violence, we also know that mediation can really bring a family together again. Mediation can save you money, it can take significantly less time than a divorce case that must go before a judge to resolve lingering disputes, and it can help you to communicate more effectively with your ex.

When you enter into a mediation session, you will work with a neutral third party known as a “mediator” who helps to facilitate communication between you and your ex-spouse. We will continue to advocate for you during the mediation process and can help you to think through the best ways of reaching an agreement with your ex that would leave you feeling satisfied. If an agreement is not possible, we are always here to take your case into the courtroom and to advocate for your rights before a judge.

As family mediation lawyers, we can help you to resolve your dispute more effectively.

Mediation is Less Expensive and More Private
Mediation is incredibly beneficial for many of our clients. We always make sure our clients know that mediation can cost significantly less than a divorce or other family law matter in which we need to involve a judge to resolve the dispute. Mediation also helps many of our clients to become more effective communicators, and to feel as though they have more control over their own divorce case. Since the parties reach an agreement on their own with the facilitation of a mediator, nobody has to feel as though decisions are being made for them. Many parties also appreciate that mediation is confidential.
Mediation is Quick and Painless
We work with many clients in Southern California who are extremely happy to learn that mediation can be a faster and easier alternative to a contested divorce. When we need to litigate a divorce, the process can take months (and sometimes even longer). Indeed, sometimes litigated divorces end up taking more than a year for our clients due to court schedules, investigations, and other issues in a family law dispute. With mediation, the process can get wrapped up in a couple of weeks, and the parties are often relieved to move on.

Benefits of Mediation:

  • Confidentiality
  • Quicker Process
  • More Affordable
  • More Control
  • Less Contentious

Mediation is a Great Solution for Many

Mediation is great for many of our clients, but we also work with a variety of parties who may need to litigate their divorce cases for different reasons. Our Pasadena divorce lawyers can assess your case today and can discuss options for mediation and litigation.

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