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Protecting Your Family’s Interests

Establishing paternity can be complicated, but it can help to ensure your kids’ rights to financial and emotional support in the future. A Pasadena family lawyer can help.


Establishing Legal Parentage

We use the term “parentage” in California law to refer to a child’s legal parent. For many kids, parentage is established at birth because the parents are married. When parents are not married or a child’s birth occurs more than 300 days after a divorce, California law no longer assumes parentage. In these cases, we work with parents to establish parentage so that they can have certain legal rights in California.

We know that the process of establishing paternity or parentage can produce a lot of anxiety, and we are here to help our clients. Sometimes we work with a mother who wants to establish paternity for child support purposes. We also know how important it can be for fathers and children to file petitions to establish paternity for child custody and benefits purposes. Usually, the court will order a DNA test to determine whether an assumed father is the biological parent. We know that these cases are tough and demanding, and our family lawyers are here to support you through the process of establishing paternity.

We handle paternity and parentage cases with experience and compassion.

Mothers Seeking to Establish Paternity
We work with mothers who need to establish paternity in order to seek support for their kids. If you recently gave birth and were not married, we know that you may need to file a petition to establish paternity. When you do file a petition, a California court can order a DNA test in order to establish parentage under California law. We know how important it is to be able to seek child support.
Mothers Seeking to Challenge Paternity
In our family law practice, we also work with mothers who need to challenge paternity. Sometimes a putative father will say he has legal rights to a child and will demand custody or visitation. We know that there are a variety of reasons that a mother may need to prevent a putative father from establishing paternity, including situations involving family violence. You should know that a father will need to prove that he is the biological father of the child in order to gain parental rights. Even then, we can work with you to limit custody.

We know that there are many reasons to establish legal parentage, such as:

  • Establishing child support obligations
  • Defending against child support obligations
  • Modifying or terminating child support
  • Child custody and visitation issues
  • Rights to inheritances
  • Rights to additional benefits associated with paternity

Do Not Take Chances With the Legal Parentage of Your Children

Our Pasadena family lawyers regularly work with parents who have questions or concerns about parentage. We know how complicated it can be to establish paternity in many cases, and we want to ensure you have an experienced advocate on your side if you ultimately need to ask a court to order a DNA test. We can answer any questions you have and can discuss your rights as a parent in California.

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