Child Custody and Visitation

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Cases involving child custody can be painful and complicated for all parties. If you are facing divorce, it can be scary to think of losing your children. Even if you are expecting joint custody, you may worry about the impact a custody arrangement will have on your children. At Salisbury Lee & Tsuda, LLP, we understand the unique challenges faced by our clients in custody disputes. We also know that the results in your case will have a long-term impact on your family. Our goal is to achieve effective results through strategic negotiation or through aggressive litigation when necessary.

When making child custody determinations, the court must be guided by the best interests of the child. You and your former spouse may have different opinions of what this means, but it is the court’s job to sort through the facts and your interests to make a final determination. Our Pasadena divorce lawyers are experienced with the complexities of child custody cases and our priority is to protecting the rights and interests of you and your children and establishing long-term, effective solutions for your family.

Squaring the law with the needs of your family

In most family law cases, the best results occur when you can demonstrate that your needs align with California law and the best interests of your children. First and foremost, a comprehensive understanding of the law is critical to achieving your desired results. What might seem intuitive or “the right thing to do” may not always be obvious to the court.

Practice Areas

A Pasadena family law attorney with our firm will be sensitive to the issues that you face and will work constructively with opposing parties on even the most emotionally charged and divisive issues. We are available to assist you on the following matters:

We urge our clients to first attempt to work out a parenting plan with the other parent by direct discussions about what is best for their family and their children.

As part of this process, we recommend that parents meet with outside third parties such as family therapists who specialize in parenting plans to assist them in crafting their own parenting plans to work out parenting issues on an ongoing basis. However, if this proves unsuccessful, we do not hesitate to provide strong and aggressive representation in court on child custody matters when necessary. Some issues such as a parent moving far away can be intractable and resistant to settlement. In those cases we work on litigation strategies aimed at getting the best results for our clients and their children.

When parents cannot agree on a parenting plan regarding the legal and physical custody of the children, then a judge will determine whether the parents should have sole or joint custody and on what terms. The principles that must guide the judge’s custody determinations are the best interests of the children, as specified by California law. As experienced attorneys, our role is to review the facts and circumstances of your case, apply the law, and present your objectives and interests to the court persuasively and effectively. Ultimately, as your attorney we will aim to convince the court that your legal objectives should be honored as in line with California laws regarding the best interests of the child.

“It is with pleasure that I recommend Lee Salisbury as an excellent divorce lawyer. He made a very painful process go relatively quickly and smoothly.”

We help in the following custody matters:

  • Divorce and initial determinations
  • Domestic violence or drug/substance abuse
  • Custody issues for unmarried parents
  • Paternity and father’s rights
  • Grandparents’ rights to custody
  • Modification and relocation

If you have a child custody order in place that you would like to modify – for example to modify a joint custody to sole custody to facilitate a move – or if the other party is seeking to modify a custody order, our attorneys will work to represent your interests in seeking or defending against modification of custody.

At Salisbury Lee & Tsuda, LLP, we are dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome in your family law matter and establishing a solution that works for you and your family in the long run. You can trust that your Pasadena divorce lawyer will always remain available to answer your questions, address your concerns and effectively assert your rights through negotiation and settlement or in court. For a consultation with an experienced attorney, please call 626.449.4812 or contact us online. We are available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Salisbury Lee & Tsuda, LLP is located two blocks south of Lake Ave. and Colorado Blvd. Our firm is accessible from the 110 (Pasadena) Freeway and the 210 Freeway. Free parking is available. We also have attorneys who speak Mandarin and Japanese.

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