Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

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Domestic violence is a leading cause of discord and trauma in many families. In divorce and parentage proceedings allegations of domestic violence are often made. California law provides for the issuance of domestic violence prevention emergency protective orders and temporary restraining orders to protect the safety of parties, children and other household members and related persons. The courts can also issue child custody orders and orders requiring an owner of a house to move out in such proceedings. These actions move very quickly through the court system and may involve parallel criminal proceedings.

We frequently represent parties in both prosecuting and defending domestic violence restraining order matters (although we do not handle the criminal law aspects of such matters). Such restraining orders are usually litigated as part of a divorce or parentage action. The results of such proceedings can cause certain presumptions to arise in seemingly unrelated areas such as child custody and spousal support which can greatly alter outcomes on those issues. Proper, skilled and vigorous representation in such actions is extremely important because of the drastic both short term and longer term consequences of the outcomes. We are highly experienced in representing clients in such matters.


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