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Mediation is often at the top of the list of topics raised by new clients. We provide family law mediation services and also assist clients who are in mediation as consulting attorneys for them in that process.Mediation can be a highly effective, faster, less contentious and less expensive alternative to litigation. However, in order for mediation to be successful and fair, the parties and attorneys must act with the utmost good faith and transparency in the process by sharing and disclosing all relevant information and documents throughout the process.

The choice of a neutral, fair and legally knowledgeable mediator is critical to the success of the mediation. There are also cases where mediation is not a good alternative because of imbalance of power and information between the parties and in situations where one party may be psychologically vulnerable. In our mediation practice, we strive to reach fair solutions that are creative, efficient and bypass the delays, greater expense and less flexible results that flow from litigated solutions ordered by judicial officers. In all cases, we carefully discuss various mediation options with new clients and also provide neutral mediation services to couples who request them.


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